Date: 23 September 2017

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Winchester, VA
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We at Rouss Fire Company would like to take the time to thank you for visiting our website! Please continue to check in daily for updated information.


Dear Residents,

   You can help save a life in the next five minutes...through the Charley Rouss Fire Company, Inc. We are asking you to take a few minutes to consider our important life saving role in the Winchester community. Our fire company provides both fire and rescue services to your community. Our Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians respond to your emergencies 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. When a loved one needs help, the Charley Rouss Fire Company responds. It does not matter - day or night, weekday or weekend, holiday, weather and road conditions - we respond.

    The Charley Rouss Fire Company is committed to providing low cost fire and rescue service to the community that we serve. Last year we responded to over 700 calls for help. We are there when you need us, striving to provide the best possiable emergency care and property protection, using the most current techniques available.

   In our drive to keep our facility up-to-date and safe, we are currently in the process of obtaining funds for the restoration of our building, which was orginally constructed in 1895. By making a donation to our annual fund drive, we will continue to have a safe place to house our equipment and our volunteers, which save lives and property, your family and friends. Our historic building is in need of repair and upkeep in order to prevent future damage to the already worn interior. You can help make one of Winchester's admired historic sites remain in a safe condition for you and your children's children to see, admire and visit for many years to come, all while we can continue to provide the vital service of saving lives.

    All donations go directly to the Charley Rouss Fire Company and will help with the restoration of our building. Your donation can make a difference in helping our operations continue to save the life of a loved one and/or neighbor. We are looking for people to join as volunteer firefighters and administrative staff support members. The Charley Rouss Fire Company welcomes men and woman of all ages to assist in providing valuable community service.

  A couple of years ago we announced the formation of the John Hawse Trust/Annuity Fund. The fund is up and running with success. This is a great way to give the gift that keeps on giving. Please fill out the donation form and donate what you can. By donating just $35.00 (less than $0.10 a day) each year, you will assure that we can continue to have the facility, equipment and training to serve you as we have for over 200 years.

Where General Fund Donations Go:

  Maintenance of Fire Department Building, Grounds, and Equipment

  Update of Current Equipment

   Purchase of New Equipment 

   General Day-to-Day Operations 

Where John Hawse Trust/Annuity Donations Go: 

   The Trust/Annuity donations are placed in an interest bearing annuity. Only the interest earned will be used to fund Fire Department projects and General Fund. This is a gift that keeps on giving.


    Thank you for your support, and stop by anytime if we can be of assistance.


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